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1337x has been blocked on many ISP's around the world.

With a proxy site, you can unblock 1337x easily. Our site maintains an updated list of working 1337x proxy sites.

Proxy sites are the easiest methods to bypass the block and unblock 1337x, however there are also Alternate methods below

What we know about 1337x aka l33tx

As you may know, 1337x, also known as l33tx, is the second most popular torrent site with a huge database of magnetic links and torrent files used by the BitTorrent protocol to exchange files between nodes. And for this reason, this site is being attacked and blocked by many Internet service providers. Despite all this blocking, you can use our 1337x proxy service to unblock the 1337x website for free.

1337x was launched in 2007, and its user-friendly interface made it popular among users, as it was easy to search for content on it. According to TorrentFreak News, 1337x has been among the three most popular torrent sites for the past two years. People usually download torrents of movies, videos, TV series, anime, music and games from 1337x.

Why are 1337x torrent sites blocked?

Torrent sites, as a rule, pirate the company's materials before they are released. On torrent sites, you can get new movies with new software before they are officially released as pirated materials. If you cannot access the 1337x site, it means that it is blocked in that particular region.

These companies file complaints about these illegal copyright sources under DMCA policy, and according to the DMCA, you have to delete the file from the owner, but if you don't, you will have to pay a fee.

Due to the non-recognition of the law, various governments block these torrent sites in all networks of their Internet providers.

Unlock 1337x using Tor Browser or VPN


If you want to unlock 1337x, Tor Browser is a good option for that. On this platform, people can easily access 1337x. it contains collections of powerfully passed compiled and verified proxies. Your location will be encrypted and your traffic cannot be tracked. It offers a much higher level of anonymity than a standard web browser.


The second method is to use a VPN (virtual private network), which allows the user to connect to Internet servers in other countries that do not strictly comply with copyright laws, through an encrypted tunnel that hides the user's IP address and allows the user to unlock 1337x.

Blocking and censorship

1337x is blocked in several countries around the world for legal reasons, usually because it contributes to copyright protection. violation.

Country Date of blocking
Saudi Arabia April 2, 2014
United Kingdom November 27, 2014
Denmark March 27, 2015
Turkey August 12, 2015
Portugal October 26, 2015
Italy March 6, 2017
Australia August 18, 2017
Indonesia October 10, 2017
Finland June 8, 2018
United Arab Emirates June 8, 2018
Ireland January 18, 2018
Belgium January 3, 2019
India April 12, 2019
Greece May 15, 2019